Minnesota 10, Seattle 2
When: 4:10 PM ET, Thursday, April 8, 2021
Where: Target Field, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Temperature: 67°
Umpires: Home - Lazaro Diaz, 1B - Adam Hamari, 2B - Manny Gonzalez, 3B - Nick Mahrley
Attendance: 9675
Final Scoring Summary
Seattle 001001000270
Minnesota 00403120-10161
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Top 1st
Mitch Haniger flies out to center.
Ty France strikes out.
Kyle Seager strikes out.
Bottom 1st
Minnesota Jorge Polanco strikes out.
Kyle Garlick singles to shortstop.
Nelson Cruz strikes out.
Byron Buxton doubles to third. Kyle Garlick to third.
Mitch Garver flies out to center.
Top 2nd
Seattle Jose Marmolejos lines out to left.
Dylan Moore lines out to center.
Taylor Trammell walks.
Taylor Trammell picked off, caught stealing at first.
Bottom 2nd
Minnesota Max Kepler grounds out, second to first.
Miguel Sano walks.
Andrelton Simmons strikes out to home.
Luis Arraez grounds out, second to first.
Top 3rd
Seattle Luis Torrens singles to right.
Sam Haggerty strikes out.
J.P. Crawford pops out to third.
Mitch Haniger walks. Luis Torrens to second.
Ty France singles to center. Luis Torrens scores. Mitch Haniger to third.
Kyle Seager walks. Ty France to second.
Jose Marmolejos lines out to right.
Bottom 3rd
Minnesota Jorge Polanco doubles to left.
Kyle Garlick doubles to left. Jorge Polanco scores.
Nelson Cruz walks.
Byron Buxton grounds into a force out, shortstop to second. Kyle Garlick to third. Nelson Cruz out at second. Byron Buxton to first.
Mitch Garver homers to center. Kyle Garlick scores. Byron Buxton scores.
Max Kepler hit by pitch.
Miguel Sano strikes out.
Andrelton Simmons singles to right. Max Kepler to second.
Luis Arraez grounds out, second to first.
Top 4th
Seattle Dylan Moore strikes out.
Taylor Trammell strikes out.
Luis Torrens strikes out.
Bottom 4th
Minnesota Jorge Polanco pops out to second.
Kyle Garlick strikes out.
Nelson Cruz strikes out.
Top 5th
Seattle Sam Haggerty bunt grounds out, pitcher to first.
J.P. Crawford strikes out.
Mitch Haniger singles to left.
Ty France singles to left. Mitch Haniger to second.
Mitch Haniger picked off at second.
Bottom 5th
Minnesota Byron Buxton homers to left.
Mitch Garver doubles to right.
Max Kepler lines out to first.
Miguel Sano singles to left. Mitch Garver scores.
Drew Steckenrider enters game as pitcher.
Andrelton Simmons doubles to left. Miguel Sano to third.
Luis Arraez out on a sacrifice fly to left. Miguel Sano scores.
Jorge Polanco strikes out.
Top 6th
Seattle Kyle Seager flies out to center.
Jose Marmolejos homers to right.
Dylan Moore strikes out.
Caleb Thielbar enters game as pitcher.
Taylor Trammell strikes out.
Bottom 6th
Minnesota Kyle Garlick strikes out.
Nelson Cruz singles to third.
Byron Buxton singles to center. Nelson Cruz to second.
Ljay Newsome enters game as pitcher.
Mitch Garver lines out to left.
Nelson Cruz on wild pitch, advances to third. Byron Buxton to second.
Max Kepler singles to pitcher. Nelson Cruz scores. Byron Buxton to third.
Miguel Sano strikes out.
Top 7th
Seattle Jake Cave enters the game, playing right field. Max Kepler leaves the game.
Luis Torrens singles to left.
Sam Haggerty on a fielder's choice fielded by Jorge Polanco, reaches first. Luis Torrens on error by Jorge Polanco, advances to second.
J.P. Crawford grounds into a double play, second to shortstop to first. Luis Torrens to third. Sam Haggerty out at second. J.P. Crawford out at first.
Mitch Haniger strikes out.
Bottom 7th
Minnesota Andrelton Simmons doubles to right.
Luis Arraez homers to right. Andrelton Simmons scores.
Jorge Polanco walks.
Kyle Garlick strikes out.
Nelson Cruz pops out to first.
Byron Buxton strikes out.
Top 8th
Seattle Willians Astudillo enters the game, playing catcher. Mitch Garver leaves the game.
Jorge Alcala enters game as pitcher.
Ty France lines out to center.
Kyle Seager flies out to left.
Jose Marmolejos grounds out, shortstop to first.
Bottom 8th
Minnesota Willians Astudillo singles to right.
Jake Cave lines out to center.
Miguel Sano pops out into foul territory to shortstop.
Andrelton Simmons grounds out, catcher to first.
Top 9th
Seattle Brandon Waddell enters game as pitcher.
Dylan Moore flies out to center.
Taylor Trammell walks.
Luis Torrens doubles to right. Taylor Trammell to third.
Sam Haggerty flies out to center.
J.P. Crawford grounds out, second to first.